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2022年6月7日,香港 — 「國家地理雜誌主辦、會德豐呈獻 : 香港攝影大賽 2021」得獎作品於尖沙咀海港城海洋中心二階207號舖「海港城‧美術館」展出,展期由6月7日至6月26日,公眾可免費入場參觀。 June 7 2022, Hong Kong - Hong Kong Photo Contest 2021’s winning works will be exhibited at Gallery by the Harbour, Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui from 7 June to 26 June. The exhibition is free of charge and open to the public.

「國家地理雜誌主辦、會德豐呈獻 : 香港攝影大賽 2021」得獎作品展覽 Hong Kong Photo Contest 2021 Winners’ Exhibition

日期: 2022年6月7日至6月26日
地點: 「海港城‧美術館」尖吵咀海港城海洋中心二階207號舖
Date: 7 June – 26 June, 2022
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour, Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui


香港攝影大賽 2021



2021年10月4日,香港 —「國家地理雜誌主辦、會德豐呈獻 : 香港攝影大賽 2021」正式展開,誠邀全球16歲或以上的攝影愛好者發揮創意,透過捕捉自然之美、生活點滴或觸動人心的本土人和事,發揮香港正能量精神。



「《國家地理》雜誌與會德豐合作,在香港舉辦攝影大賽已昂然進入第五年。 經過四年的累積,不只是參賽作品的數量大幅增加,參賽作品的水準也不斷提 升,過去不少得獎作品,都引來大眾的目光,也吸引海內外媒體的報導,例如 黃啟樂(Lok)的〈曬鹹魚〉、Joan Pabona的〈Sacrifice〉等等。最近,甚至 引來南島中學師生以本大賽的參賽作品,進行詩歌創作,可以說用影像說香港 故事,已經延伸到用詩歌說香港故事。」《國家地理》雜誌中文版、大石文化 營運長蔡耀明指出:「延續過去的成功,今年大賽再加入新的組別,希望大家 也嘗試用影片記錄香港故事。國家地理的香港攝影大賽是一個理想平臺,持續 讓眾多攝影好手大展才華,幫助他們達成夢想。」


國家地理雜誌主辦、會德豐呈獻 : 香港攝影大賽 2021現正接受全球16歲或以上 的攝影愛好者報名參加。大賽設有六個組別,分別為「風景」、「生態」、「 城市」、「人物」、「手機組」及「短片組」。由即日起至2021年12月3日, 參賽者可以將攝影作品上載到www.hkphotocontest.com,得獎者將獲得豐富獎 品總值港幣十萬,各組別冠、亞、季軍作品將有機會被刊登於《國家地理》雜 誌中文版,與台、港、澳、星、馬數十萬讀者分享,並於公開展覽中展出。


  • 風景:透過自然美景、郊野活動,走進大自然,捕捉香港郊野的迷人光影。
  • 生態:香港生態環境無論陸地及海底也孕育豐富生物多樣性,透過相片能引起公眾對野生動植物的認識和對保育的關注。
  • 城市:勾劃都市輪廓,發掘城市的潛力及生活脈搏,能帶出香港城市魅力的作品。
  • 人物:個人特寫、日常生活,觸動人心、呈現香港精神的人和事。
  • 手機:通過手機拍攝以上各項主題。
  • 短片:120秒以內的短影片拍攝以上各項主題。
組別冠軍 獎金港幣$10,000元正及國家地理雜誌繁體中文版贈閱12期
組別亞軍 獎金港幣$5,000元正及國家地理雜誌繁體中文版贈閱12期
組別季軍 獎金港幣$2,000元正及國家地理雜誌繁體中文版贈閱12期
佳作獎 國家地理離誌繁體中文版贈閱12期

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Hong Kong Photo Contest 2021

Organized by National Geographic Magazine (Traditional Chinese Edition)
Presented by Wheelock

Visual Storytelling for Hong Kong

Official Launch

October 4th, 2021, Hong Kong – Hong Kong Photo Contest 2021 officially kicks off. The Contest invites both enthusiasts and novices aged 16 and above to discover and capture the special moments of Hong Kong’s unseen sides to deliver a positive message to the public.

The Hong Kong Photo Contest has been organized by National Geographic Magazine (Traditional Chinese Edition) and presented by Wheelock Properties since 2017. As the filming of short videos become even more popular and accessible, this year’s Contest will introduce the brand-new SHORT VIDEO category, which will be added to the five current categories: CITY, PEOPLE, MOBILE, LANDSCAPE, and WILDLIFE.

We hope to enable cultural exchange through photography and bring Hong Kong photographers’ skills to the next level, on a par with international standards. To do this, we are aspired to create an educational and interactive platform, where photography workshops and talks led by renowned industry experts will be organized to help photography lovers to learn new skills and share ideas.

“This year marks the fifth-year milestone for the Hong Kong Photo Contest. In the past four years, we have witnessed an increase in both the quality and quantity of the submitted entries, with a number of winning photographs, such as Wong Kai-Lok’s Drying Salted Fish and Joan Pabona’s Sacrifice garnering extensive media and public attention both at home and abroad. More recently, the students and staff of South Island School were inspired to use some of last year’s entries to create poems, effectively taking the visual storytelling of Hong Kong into the poetic realm,” says Ivan Tsoi, the Chief Operating Officer of Boulder Media Inc, which is the licensee for National Geographic Magazine (Traditional Chinese Edition).

According to Tsoi, this year’s Contest will build on past successes and would like to encourage our contestants to experiment with documenting the stories of Hong Kong in this medium. “Hong Kong Photo Contest is the ideal platform for photographers,” Tsoi adds. “It is the perfect place to showcase their talents and achieve their dreams.”

Managing Director of Wheelock Properties Ricky Wong said, “Hong Kong’s reputation of The Oriental Pearl is not without reason; whether in our manifest nature and adventurous outdoors, colorful metropolis city living or affectionate people and their Hong Kong spirit. We’re honored to have co-operated with National Geographic Magazine (Traditional Chinese Edition) for the fifth year in the ‘Hong Kong Photo Contest’. As a revered industry event in the city, we hope to help talented photographers realize their dreams through this photo contest and to reveal spectacular images and stories to our audiences. We hope this Contest can span internationally so people around the world can learn of Hong Kong’s authentic beauty. Through the Contest our hope is also for the public to pay more attention to the city we love so dearly, to be able to find a moment or two in their daily grinds to appreciate all the things we are blessed with – in our places, people, and happenings.”

Hong Kong Photo Contest 2021 is now accepting entries from 16-year-old and above photography enthusiasts. The Contest is divided into six categories: “Landscape,” “Wildlife,” “City,” “People,” “Mobile Photography,” and “Short Video.” From now until December 3rd, 2021, contestants can upload their works onto www.hkphotocontest.com. The winners will receive prizes worth up to HKD100,000. In addition, works by first, second, and third place from each category will have a chance to be featured in the National Geographic Magazine (Traditional Chinese Edition,) which is distributed to more than 100,000 readers in five markets including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Categories and Prizes:

  • Landscape: Capture the beautiful scenes and precious moments of Hong Kong’s countryside.
  • Wildlife: Explore Hong Kong’s natural beauties and wildlife wonders.
  • City: Cityscapes, images depicting underlying potential and pulses of city lives, and photos that capture the charms of the metropolitan Hong Kong city.
  • People: Portraits, everyday encounters, photos with stories, and Hong Kong spirit.
  • Mobile Photography: Photographs taken by mobile phone on the above themes.
  • Short Video: Within 120-sec short video on the above categories.
1st Place Category Winner Cash Prize HK$10,000; 12-issue subscription of the Traditional Chinese version of National Geographic Magazine
2nd Place Category Winner Cash Prize HK$5,000; 12-issue subscription of the Traditional Chinese version of National Geographic Magazine
3rd Place Category Winner Cash Prize HK$2,000; 12-issue subscription of the Traditional Chinese version of National Geographic Magazine
Merit Award 12-issue subscription of the Traditional Chinese version of National Geographic Magazine

For more information about “Hong Kong Photo Contest,” please visit www.hkphotocontest.com

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WhatsApp︰(852) 6819 3898 / Email︰[email protected]