Leung Chi Hang 攝影/2020年得獎作品

Fung Man Hon 攝影/2020年得獎作品

Chak Kwong Man 攝影/2020年得獎作品

Choi Wai Ha 攝影/2020年得獎作品

2020國家地理會德豐香港攝影大賽|National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2020



As the ever-shining Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong is unique and beautiful in many ways, attracting people from all over the world to stay and visit with an explorer eye, and inspiring many photographers to capture precious moments in different genres. To encourage and nurture potential and talented photographers, Wheelock Properties is once again co-operated with National Geographic Magazine (Traditional Chinese Edition) in organizing a contest for photo enthusiasts. The categories for this year include “Landscape, Wildlife, City, People, Mobile and Short Video”, welcoming both professional gear followers and mobile users to uncover the uniqueness of Hong Kong and share the stories beyond words.

The contest this year also encourages participants to capture the unseen sides of the city with short video to showcase their awe-inspiring work and reveal the best of “The Oriental Pearl” to the world.


風景 Landscape 透過自然美景、郊野活動,走進大自然,捕捉香港郊野的迷人光影。 Capture the beautiful scenes and precious moments of Hong Kong’s countryside.
生態 Wildlife 香港生態環境無論陸地及海底也孕育豐富生物多樣性,透過相片能引起公眾對野生動植物的認識和對保育的關注。 Explore Hong Kong’s nature beauties and wildlife wonders.
城市 City 勾劃都市輪廓,發掘城市的潛力及生活脈搏,能帶出香港城市魅力的作品。 Cityscapes, images depicting underlaying potential and pulses of city lives, and photos that capture the charms of the metropolitan Hong Kong city.
人物 People 個人特寫、日常生活,觸動人心、呈現香港精神的人和事。 Portraits, everyday encounters, photos with stories and Hong Kong spirit.
手機組 Mobile Photography 通過手機拍攝以上各項主題。 Photograph taken by mobile phone on above themes.
短片組 Short Video 120秒以內的短影片拍攝以上各項主題。 Within 120-sec short video on the above categories.


徵件期間 2021年10月4日至12月3日 23:59:59止(香港時間) Entry Period October 4th, 2021 ~ December 3rd, 2021, 23:59:59 (Hong Kong Time)


捕捉香港的風景、生態、城市景觀、人文精神、文化和生活面貌。立即上載您的作品,即有機會羸取豐富獎品! 獎品總值港幣十萬! Capture the Hong Kong’s landscapes both natural and manmade, wildlife, significant moments or the spirit, culture, and life of Hong Kong people. Submit your entry and get a chance to win the fabulous prizes! Valued at HK$100,000!

各組別冠、亞、季軍作品將有機會刊登於《國家地理》雜誌中文版,與台、港、澳、星、馬數十萬讀者分享,並於公開展覽中展出。 The winner’s photograph in each category will be published in National Geographic magazine (Traditional Chinese) and get admired by hundreds of thousands of readers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia.

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